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About Us

Intelligent Arts is a multi-disciplinary and first principles branding and creative company founded by two former professional athletes in 2016.

For the last seven years, Intelligent arts has been providing premier strategic, branding and creative services to the Greater Philadelphia, New York, Los Angeles, and Palm Beach areas. We are a partnership owned and operated company allowing direct alignment with our processes and client outcomes.

Our mission is to imagine, produce, and publish result oriented digital and physical experiences for purpose-driven organizations and entrepreneurs.

In biology, Intelligence is a species’ ability to adapt within its niche. We firmly believe successful businesses must also follow this same creed. Distinct in mission, vision and values, yet flexible and adaptive with strategies and pathways towards execution.

An Intelligent brand is the ultimate result.

“The true sign of intelligence is not knowledge but imagination.”

Albert Einstein


Clients Served


Years in Business


Creative Partners


Casey Robinson

Art Director & Visual Partner

Joshua Katowitz

Motion & Design Partner

R. Scott Williams

Managing Partner

Values & Principles


When we use intelligence, we don’t mean facts and figures. We mean the ability for a brand to survive across multiple lifecycles and thinking that adapts to how your consumer sees the world. And such, our research and strategic directions with our clients stem from this starting point of longevity and robustness.



A quote we live by, “The quality of your thinking depends on the models inside your head.” As a creative organization, we cannot provide a holistic and 360 degree approach to your project without depth of knowledge across a breadth of domains and nature’s first principles. Each of our partners comes from a different background and provides unique thinking to a collaborative output.



We don’t produce and strategize the status quo. Our thinking, deliverables, and on-going efforts deviate from average and the norm. In a world full of noise, it pays to be bold. After all, the fastest way to average is to follow the herd.



As a branding and creative firm, we choose to work with entrepreneurs, enterprises and non-profits that are purpose driven. Obsession and passion builds the best leaders and organizations and that is who we aim to align with.