Ayurvedic Beauty

Aavrani Skincare

Aavrani is changing the beauty scene culturally, authentically, and honorably with one of the generation’s strongest female business owners leading proudly at the front. Rooshy has taken her product to gorgeously enhance our well-being as well as embody the intention of love and appreciation towards oneself and the skin we are in.

Inspired by ancient rituals with a transformative background, we recognized that Aavrani was not created to be the next skin-care “fad”. Founder and CEO, Rooshy Roy, produced an array of intimate goods that are here to elevate your views on sustainable, clean and consistent products. This set the foundation for the visual work we produced for her brand.


Refreshing Visuals

With the expansion of a new product line, Aavrani was looking to partner with a creative firm to produce visual media that fully captured the brand values and identity. Between the amount of products, ingredients, and total unique vignettes, the assets cerated from this project spanned the entirety of their Ecommerce store front, Amazon retail listings, and social media advertising campaigns.

Interactive Media

300+ Visual Assets

Working closely with the Aavrani marketing team, we established monthly creative briefs and began coordinating photography and video productions. Our team divided the work into weekly sprints, enabling a consecutive shoot schedule to produce a large amount of visual assets inline with the aesthetic aspirations.

Product Stories

Collaborating with local stylists, our production team assembled unique product stories with the core ingredients. The final result is a collection of vibrant visual assets that fully showcase the entire product line.

“Intelligent Arts is the most talented creative group we’ve ever worked with. This team is incredibly artistic, reliable, and professional in everything that they do. Last summer, we enlisted the IA team to help us elevate our visuals in order to project a more refined, cohesive aesthetic across customer touch points. Not only did they execute upon the final deliverables exactly as we needed and in a timely manner, but they also helped our team stay focused around this weighty endeavor by helping us stay organized from a project management perspective from start to finish. It truly felt like we were working with an extension of our full-time, in-person team, versus a third-party agency. The level of attention to detail, intention, and care that Intelligent Arts brings to their work is unparalleled! We hope to continue working with them for future creative projects, and continue to recommend Intelligent Arts for any business looking to upgrade their branding and/or visual aesthetic.”

Rooshy Roy, Founder & CEO