Sonic Skincare


For beauty and skincare product lines, the quality of packaging has a major impact on customer experience. Dermaflash products go beyond droppers, caps, and bottles with a clear emphasis on design, build quality, and tactile feel of their product line.

It was our objective to capture new product photography that reflected this quality for the Dermaflash Ecommerce website and social media marketing channels.


Elevated Ecommerce

To convey the feel of the product effectively, the right balance of light, color, set design, and product styling is imperative. Working with a local stylist, our production team developed a series of photographs that fully encapsulate the sleek product line that “reveals radiant, glowing skin”.

Interactive Media

Adding Motion

Using motion when developing visual assets for beauty products helps to create a more dynamic customer experience. GIF sequences, animated graphics, and video clips are a great way to showcase the primary packaging, product application, and bring a brand identity to life.

Product Stories

Brands market best when they show the entire story. The ingredients, processes, and rituals help customers understand the context of products in relation to one another without using any descriptive text. A strong identity system, thoughtfully designed packaging, and a clear marketing strategy with top-tier visual media is what helps take a brand to new heights.