A Modern Brokerage

BluEdge Professional Real Estate

Founded by two former college teammates, Shane McCain and David Hall, BluEdge Professional Real Estate infuses the principles of discipline, leadership, and a commitment to constant improvement to the everyday practices of commercial and residential real estate brokerage.

When BluEdge reached out to they needed help developing a brand and identity quickly, as they had various large real estate deals on the table. We were tasked with rounding out a visual identity, including: Web Platform Development, Visual Media, Design, and Strategic Positioning.

BluEdge gave us the run down on how they conduct business and how they want to be perceived in the marketplace. We did the rest.


Visual Portfolio

Working with some of the best residential and commercial developers in the area, BluEdge brings craft and class to the real estate industry. While it was important for our team to showcase the talent and core competencies that BluEdge wields, we recognized that the surrounding community and environment was critical to emphasize. We got to work planning visual media to capture the beautiful East Florida coast across five counties, from West Palm Beach to Cape Canaveral.

Interactive Media

Website Development

As the BluEdge team grows, we help them scale their digital presence in a strategic partnership. One of the greatest features of this project is the website development where a strong visual identity, captivating environmental photography, founder story documentaries, and marketing initiatives all join forces in one powerful display.


As our creative relationship with BluEdge Professional Real Estate deepens, so does our expertise in confidently executing their marketing initiatives. We continue to work in tandem as a strategic advisor, helping to scale, adapt and innovate by leveraging high-value creative.

“Can’t say enough good things about this company and the people that make it what it is. They bring energy to their expertise that is contagious and that will help your business better define its brand and identity. Whether you’re a seasoned company looking to improve your marketing or a new business searching for definition, I highly recommend them for any visual media, brand development, or website needs.”

David Hall, Co-founder