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B2B Businesses & Marketing Leverage.

It goes without saying, every business wants to create leverage when it comes to their various operations. It is how businesses, entrepreneurs, and individuals give themselves the best chance of asymmetric return.

As of late, marketing has become the easiest operating method to generate significant leverage because of the digital tools and technologies available. Much of marketing can be automated from your web platforms, analytics platforms, social media channels, and email providers.

Hence, the rise of startups, DTC businesses, and the large tech companies.

Leverage is back sweeping social media, written narratives, and news outlets because of how low interest rates have been. In finance, leverage refers to debt and when interest rates are low, everyone is a wizard entrepreneur or real estate mogul. Until they are not. Leverage only amplifies outcomes – it makes great ideas sweeter and bad ideas ruinous.

“Give me a lever long enough and a fulcrum on which to place it, and I shall move the world.” – Archimedes

Luckily in B2B content marketing, you don’t have to make that decision. When you’re the vertex between large transactions, a piece of high-quality visual or interactive media can create a lot of leverage for your business with very limited downside, Asymmetric proposition.

Just ask BluEdge Professional Real Estate.

B2B Marketing Champion of the Year

BluEdge Professional Real Estate is our B2B content marketing champion of the year.

Well, there is one other candidate in the race but we have an NDA with them so I can’t publicly display their content.

I will give you a teaser though.

They’re a B2B business manufacturing specialty medical devices for Fortune 500 companies. Similarly, to BluEdge Professional Real Estate, they produced an educational video showing the end consumer how to use the medical device and an online portal to capture the consumer data.

Smart? We think so.

So why did I mention finance earlier? I need to add some financial metrics so a marketing director or entrepreneur reading within a B2B business can understand the leverage payoff of producing a video campaign, photo campaign, advertising campaign, or landing page funnel with high-quality media.

B2B Visual Media ROI

As of the time I’m writing this post (January 7th, 2023), our client BluEdge Professional Real Estate has sold roughly $40,000,000 worth of land using this video as a part of their B2B content marketing strategy.

B2B Demand Generation & Leverage

Shane McCain at BluEdge decided to make this video because he realized he had a competitive advantage in the real estate market he was operating in. However, his day is limited and he can only have so many phone calls with prospective private real estate developers, family offices, and builders.

This B2B marketing video provided an extremely low marginal reproduction cost. Shane McCain was able to leverage his time and outreach with a consistent high-quality message that followed a streamlined flow. No bad sales calls or poor pitches to someone you’ve never met before.

You fall to the level of your systems.


Effective Content Strategy: The breakdown.


Technical Competency

BluEdge offers land analysis with visual media and key relevant geographic references. Thus, a strong value proposition for why someone would want to buy from BluEdge or sell their commercial land with BluEdge. Furthermore, they demonstrate expert knowledge with market data, what drives land valuations, and the future development around the plots of land they are selling.

Strong Network

Real estate is a relationship business. BluEdge demonstrates that their B2B and developer relationships help to generate financial results for their clients. The high-quality visual media with Shane speaking creates further trust, respect, and visual identity amongst the market.

Empirical Data

BluEdge’s database and empirical data is outcompeting other brokers in the market. Giving them a competitive advantage in the market. BluEdge is a cog in the B2B commercial real estate market with timely transaction feedback, evidence based decision making, and zoning and municipality information.

Social Proof

BluEdge works with some of the biggest names in the business. From the likes of Fortune 500 companies, large east coast Florida real estate developers, family offices, and  hedge funds amongst others.

If you read this entire blog, I greatly thank you. Please feel free to reach out with any questions. I’ll be writing more and diving deeper into these subjects throughout the upcoming year.



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